Tutorial How To Use Google Plus For Seo

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Google Plus is one of the major social media platform where you should definitely not miss in using to promote your site. Google plus is offering dofollow link so whatever link you bookmark you will be dofollow and pass link juice to the destination website. Dofollow links works together with pagerank and trust rank when google determine what position your website should rank for the keywords.

After you have set up for a Google Plus account, the first step is to add a SEO title for your business page. If you are a company, you should be using your company name. You can integrate 1 – 2 keywords in the SEO title. Trying to stuff too many keywords in the SEO title makes people think that you are a spammer.

Google Plus is different from other social media platform in that it lets you post mini blog post. Most of the other social platforms only let you post a small description of the link. Because every post you make is a mini post, you need to add a headline. Adding a headline to your post will make people notice your post. The headline is the title that Google display in the search result when your Google Plus post ranks. The headline is automatically included in the meta title tag for the post.

You can format your post in a way that will make it easier to read. For example, you can use italic or bold to make a headline stand out. You can use strikethrough to correct old information in the post. If the post is long, make sure you divide it into several paragraphs. Writing a longer post is always better than just posting the URL to your website. People will start to follow you if you regularly write longer post as you are sharing free information. At least you must add a short summary to explain about the link you are sharing.

You will also want to add an image to your Google Plus post as it will make your post more attractive. If you want to use a animation GIF, make sure it is simple and not have too many animations. Otherwise, it will distract your visitors away from reading the post and clicking on the URL you want them to visit. Using a photo you snap with your camera is the best. If you use image you found on the web, make sure it is free to use. If you did not include an image, Google will include a random image that match with your blog post title by default. Often, the image is not ideal and in the incorrect size. The full version of the image will automatically be displayed when you upload the image. If you are using an image from another site, make sure you credit it by including its URL in your post.

When the post is set to public, people will be able to read it. Besides, you should also add friends to your circles so that they will be notified when you make a new post. If you have a lot of friends in your circles, you will be to bring a lot of traffic to the post. You must be careful with the post you share. Sharing your posts too often can give people an impression that you are trying to spam to get more links or traffic. There is an option in Google Plus that allows you to notify the people in your circles through email.

Instead of using the default permalink structure, you can choose to use the custom URL feature. To set the custom URL feature, you should select profile and choose about. After that, scroll down the page and you will see the Links box with your current Google + page URL. Now, you must click the link and set it to a new custom Google + page URL.
You can make use of hashtags to organize your Google + posts. For example, if you make a post about SEO, you can use the hashtag #SEOTips. Google will add hashtags to a post that has tags but it is always best to add the hashtags yourself. The hashtags can be integrated within the body of the post or at the end of the post.


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To increase traffic in your page, you must always encourage reviews from clients on Google plus by placing a link on your site that says ‘Write a Review.’ You would also need to post updates frequently in your Google plus account to keep your profile fresh. Adding influential pages or people to your circles will also help in building a community or place of interaction for followers.

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Google Plus is also a good social media which can be used for Search Engine Optimization.The popularity of the google Plus is not much as compare to Facebook , Whats app etc. To increase the traffic of the website we can follow more the one technique so we can used our google Plus page for promoting our website or blog.