Tutorial How To Use Server Log Analysis For Technical Seo


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Log analysis is worthy and important. Technical SEO is key to helping search engines to crawl and thereby ranking them

The important thing to remember: Log files contains data 100% accurate in terms of how search engines are crawling. Helping Google to do this, you can make future SEO work. Log analysis is one facet of technical SEO which corrects problem in logs and help to lead high ranking, more traffic and sales.
Reasons are:
  • Too many response code errors may cause Google to reduce its crawling of website
  • You want to make sure that search engines are crawling everything
  • It is crucial to ensure that all URL redirections pass along “link juice”

Computer server, operating system, computer applications will generate log entry. Every single time that you visit the page on website this information is output, recorded and stored. Thousands of logs are generated every second—depend on server


Different types of servers store and manage log files differently. Three popular servers of finding log data

The process of going through log files to learn data. Reasons are:

Development and quality assurance- Creating a program and seeing for problematic bugs to function properly
Network troubleshooting- responding and fixing errors in network
Customer service – Determining about customer’s problem with technical product
Security issues-Investigating about hacking and intrusions
Compliance matters-getting info in response to government policies

Log analysis is done regularly, people go into log in response to something – bug, hack, error that anyone wants to do on ongoing basis


There are three ways:
  • Do it yourself in excel
  • Proprietary software such as Splunk
  • The ELK stack open source software
The process of exporting a batch of log files into excel. It is quick and easy to do log analysis, but one will see only a snapshot in time and. For best it is crucial to use ELK stack

Splunk and Sumo-Logic are analysis tools are used by enterprise companies. ELK Stack is open source of three platforms owned by Elastic.


Bot crawl volume

It is important to know the number of requests made by Baidu, BingBot, GoogleBot, Yahoo, Yandex. If you want to get found in Russia but Yandex is not crawling the website, that is a problem.

Temporary redirects

Temporary 302 redirects do not pass along the “link juice” of external links from old URL to new one. All the time, they are changed to permanent 301 redirects

Crawl budget waste

Based on numerous factors Google assigns crawl budget. If it is 100 pages per day, then sure you want to appear 100 things in SERPs. No matter what you write, you still wasting your crawl budget on advertising, internal scripts.

Duplicating URL crawling

URL parameters are used in tracking for marketing purpose which results in search engines wasting crawl budgets by crawling different URLs

Crawl priority

Google may be ignoring crucial pages. Logs will reveal URLs getting most and least attention. If you had published an e-book that attempts to rank once in every six months. If a part of your website is not crawled and it is updated often, then to check your internal-linking structure.

Last crawl date

The log files tell you when Google has crawled it.

Crawl budget

Google doesn’t want to waste valuable crawling time on a bad website. Log analysis is critically important in technical SEO.

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The server log file records every single hit on the site. Doing research on the log file allows you to find out which pages are being crawled by the bots/crawlers and you will also be able to find out which pages the bot has problem crawling. Besides, it also let you know how visitors arrive on your site for example by organic search queries or a referral site.


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Can you tell me how to view these log files for SEO as I used server log files in the past for finding error pages. It looks we can find that we can't in analytic s. I am using Linux based shared hosting so where are these stored or do I need to install any additional scripts?