Help Me/Question How We Can Use Facebook For Seo Purpose

Doominic anderson

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I have created a new website,i want to perform seo on my website to generate more and more crowd on my website.
I want to know how can i use the facebook for my website marketing,i don't have knowledge about this.

steve taylor

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Facebook is the most popular and high searching social website , you can use facebook account for SEO purpose.
For SEO create a new account on facebook after creation you need to join many group as much as possible .
Now you can post article and posts as much as possible . You can also create multiple facebook account .
This process is repeat until you can achieve your desired page ranking .


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Facebook have approx 800 millions user over world wide, a lot of audience here searching for a specific good quality contents so you can make a good quality content and post and share.
If you have a good quality content then audience like, share and comments on your post. That generate unique visitors for your sites.

niranjan kumar

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Facebook is a great platform , that have also a lot of visitors form all worlds. It's a good for business and also going many business through Facebook. but if you want to use Facebook for business or seo purpose. You need to make Facebook pages and group and add more and more people as much as you want. Then share you website contents on your page.

Swati Mishra

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Facebook is top notch social networking websites and more and more people are there. You can convert the Facebook fan page into real sales page. A number of people can be added to fan page and you can let them know about your products so they can buy it from you.


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If your product is interested to those Facebook people, then you can sell them or else it is a waste of time, promoting on Facebook. It all depends upon your followers, location based, products that meets for them.
First check with similar pages how they are performing and do the same thing, every business won't meet with the same Social networking site.
Yes, we can use Facebook for SEO purpose ,because Facebook is a best networking website.Facebook is a best social media sites to another social sites.we are also created our Business page and Organization page on Facebook and post our every services or product on Facebook easily.It gives so many features for business like friends,share,posting we are using Facebook for SEO.

Inheritx Solutions

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Do these things for SEO of your Facebook:-

1. Create a Facebook page of your app and use the main keyword in the URL of your page. This is set by choosing the username for your page.

2. In the about section provide a short description of your app with the link to your app page. Also include keywords here.

3. Add sitemap.xml on your app page to notify search engines about updates to your page and page structure.

4. Post regular updates of on your app page and join some groups on Facebook related to your niche. Participate in the conversations in those groups and direct people from there to your app page.

5. Submit your app to app reviewing sites. Make a link to your app page from your website or blog.

6. Make tabs on your facebook page using free apps like HTML iframe tabs and make nice tabs to promote your apps. Give people some nice reason to use your app. You can run contests, polls etc to engage an audience in conversations.

7. Promote your app on other social media networks.



I am also working on one of my websites and I am writing content for its Facebook page. And I agree with you people that facebook page affects our website's ranking or traffic. As If we continuously update our social media pages like facebook, twitter, Pinterest then we can good traffic and leads also.