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Help Me/Question How You Go Marketing Your Brand With Limited Budget These Days?

Discussion in 'General Tips and Tricks of Email Marketing' started by Serpstat.com, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Serpstat.com

    White Belt

    Feb 24, 2017
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    The best pieces of advice I could find are these (I'm compiling in random order):

    1. Press-release promotion with a company that doesn't charge too much and has good reviews.
    2. Collecting emails of your clients from the very first day and start sending newsletters with your updates and new arrivals at once.
    3. Cross promotion - free research of businesses that sell complementary goods or services and offering them to exchange advertising.
    4. Giving free samples. That if the nature of your product allows you to share it with the public. (Very handy for SaaS type of business)
    5 NOOO Google AdWords compaings That's dumb if you're operating with a tight budget.
    6. Gigs on Fiver. Sure! Why not! Order a few small articles about your product; Buy twitter (instagram, facebook) followers; Buy ****** upvotes; Tweet your content to tens of thousands of followers; Promote on popular blogs; Record a video about your product; Get any type of data and market research; Create a logo; Buy backlinks.
    7. Facebook Ads might actually work unlike Adwords. Advertise directly to people of certain age and sex, people who are in the relationship or single, people whose friends have birthdays soon, and so on – options are unlimited.

    Would like to hear more cost-efficient ideas here, PLEASE!!!:rolleyes:

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