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URL of site:
Age of site:
A little less then a year.
Approximately monthly page views and/or unique visitors:
492 on Jun. There was a time where our host went down for a couple of days so the count is a little lowered. There are also 100+ members on the site now.
How does the site generate income:
Ads from clicksor.. It changes depending on the moods of the people. I get $0 - $0.70 a day. They can only be found on the front page but can ealily be put on all of the blogs pages or posibly just the regular accounts.
Who develops content and administers the site:
Don Made the site. It is all ready to go and doesn't need any work to it's php. The blog users can be managed through an admin account witch you can grant users.
How much time does it require:
As much as you want to spend on it. Mainly it runs it self.
What is the monthly cost of running the site:
Reason for selling:
To busy with my other sites to work on this site the way i want it to be.
Will you help with the transition of the site to the new owner:
As much as I Can
Does the site have an ezine or newsletter:
What all does the site include:
Domain name, Custom Community/Blog Script, 30 days of free hosting.

Starting bid at $600

Ths starting bid is at the price because this is a ccustom made blog script that includes the


-3 User Levels.
-----L33t (can change colors and host more pics and songs.)
-Photo gallery (can change the amount hosted.)
-----Comment on picture
-Song gallery
-----comment on song
-Guest books
-----User can clear book
-user/Guppy (easy to remember url to personal site)
-blog/jurnal posting
-----Can be viewed by themself
-Admin panel
-----Edit front page
-----Edit front picture
-----Edit Avatars
-----Edit front page poll (from members polls)
-----Edit Users

and more!

If you know php i worked out another level of the users called band level. All you need to do is hook up a register for that level and it should be ready to go. The band level only currently has diffrent inputs on the information part of the blog/personal site.

You do not get the VB licence. it is running out and so you will need to convert the vb forum into phpbb or xmb forum.

If you would like to keep WoC a multiplayer game you may do so and keep the templete that is with it that i

made for the game. The game is not currently working due to the cornjobs are not working properly.

Hosting after the first 30 days will be 3000MB Space and 50GB BW for $15 a month
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