I have a new hard drive - Primary or Slave

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I have a new hard drive and I read something about slave and master. My new hard drive will be a 2nd har drive. Will I need to install this as slave or master?



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You will need to look in your current BIOS setting to see whats what

You will probably have 2 PATA Channels (named Primary and Secondary). Each of these channles can control 2 devices (Master and slave). This allows for 4 devices

Primary Master
Primary Slave
Secondary Master
Secondary Slave

It is a myth that the primary master HAS to be your system drive (although the installer of the system may moan) but you can boot from any one of these devices on power on.

If you see what channels you have occupied (you may find both your drives are masters (hard drive as primary master and cd drive as secondary master)) In this case you would set the new hard drive to slave and put it on any channel (i'd suggest secondary to improve speed)

If you have SATA hard drives and CDROM drives this will free up your PATA channels and allow you more devices. I personally prefer PATA as its a bit more established and runs solidly but for faster speed go for SATA.

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Hi imported_neo,
It's depend on you.If you want to start your computer with old hdd then you have to set the jumper on back side of your hdd in master and the new hdd jumper set to the slave.

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