I haven't found anything yet to make real money online

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:( I was working at a factory for about ten years. I had to work every day in January. I had to work a lot of seven days a week and 12 hours a day in the other months of the year. I worked in Maryland (USA) and now live in Pennsylvania. I had a baby January 2004 and was now a single mother. I didn't work anymore 12 hours a day (9 to 10 instead), but had to work a lot of 7 days a week. Another note in the mailroom at the factory read "work at least 10 hours a day and everyday till? " This was April 2005. I gave them two weeks notice then and that was my last real job until Nov.3, 2006 (I just went back to work).

I have been trying to make money online. I have tried MLM, but don't like to make the phone calls. I spent a lot more money then made money. I have tried PTR/PTC/PTP and read a lot of emails and made little money. I have tried Affiliate Programs, but haven't made that many sells. I haven't found anything yet to make real money without spending money. :) I started a new forum and thought reading the messages would help me. Then I started another 2 forums to help others advertise. I also have 2 new message boards to help others advertise too.

Lisa Rocco


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Hi lisa,

It sounds as if you have some good ideas!

How much traffic are you getting to your websites at the moment?
How much money are you making per visitor?

It may be possible for you to get more traffic to your website with Pay Per click services (Google Adsense is a good example).

If you spend 5c per click to get traffic and you can make 10c per visitor you get to your site you are ahead. This idea may take a while to work but by reinvesting the money you are earning you can keep doubling it up!
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