My Experience I Just Got My Payoneer Card Today!


It's Game Time!
Hello everyone!

Just as I expected, I already got my Payoneer card just today. I thought that it will never come to me after thirty days. But wow, it indeed came. My mom knocked on my room telling me that I have a letter arrived, but she was curious about it. She thought that this was a credit card, but I told her that this is a debit card. She isn't really aware of what I am doing in the internet, but I am doing something for the dreams of mine and my family. For now, I don't have funds yet. In order to withdraw, I need to earn something online that pays via Payoneer, and Propeller Ads Media and Fiverr are one of them.

steve taylor

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Congrats you got a payoneer debit card.
I also want to open a payoneer account for online payment processing.
If you have not Payoneer card then you withdrawal your payoneer money should be take more time to deliver on your bank account.
but you have a payoneer debit card you can easily withdrawal your money any where.


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You need just about $10 to activate your payoneer master card. You also need to pay $3 per month to maintain your payoneer account. Good think is if you don't have money on your account in a given month, you don't have to pay account maintenance fee.

Doominic anderson

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Congrats,it's really a good news because you need it and when we got our expected things it gives a great pleasure.You have to maintain your account through every month payment.
You can use this card in various aspects of online transaction without any difficulty,now you can easily get your freelancer money.It is very necessary thing as a freelancer to have an account and a card of any online transaction processing system.

Prasoon Arora

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I am too excited to manage my payoneer account but I am not much aware for the same. I have heard that payoneer too is the system that helps freelancer in earning money. Even new freelancers are getting paid much higher than they get paid on any other website.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
I've never applied for Payoneer card as I have no use of it. Maybe someday I will apply for one. I know Payoneer has been accepted as a withdrawal method at many online job sites.