Help Me/Question I Want To Start Hosting Business.

Michael Chancy

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Hi There, I want to start hosting business. I have some experience on web hosting. How can I start hosting business? How much start up cost need to firstly. I have some partner they will help me properly.Please any body tell me details.Any suggestion acceptable.This is my first business in my life.


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What is your budget? Do you like to own a server or servers? My suggestion is start with a re-seller plan as it could boost in hosting business. Once you are getting clients, then choose the server that could create you more profits.

Always choose from top companies such as Hostgator, Bluehost, and many more great companies.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
As you said you have good experience managing the hosting platform, you definitely should start this business. I am sure you know the WHM environment and DB handing then it will be all easy for you to handle everything with hosting.
I suggest you to take a cheaper reseller hosting plan and start selling it. If you find some good response you can move to a good reseller plan with big company and you will have more customers coming your way. But don't invest much, invest what you earn and keep some share for your own expenses.

If you find my post helpful, just reply back here and i will give you full details how you can do this even if you cannot handle WMH and DB i will have the long details available for you without any second thought.


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The price is right for us, the service is dependable, and the customer relationship is responsible, eager to participate in resolving the problem and prompt.