I want wireless

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I am interested in a wireless network but i'm frightened about others accessing it. Should I be a fraid?


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Not really, setup a wireless network and secure it with WAP, Set up MAC filtering and hide ssid broadcast. If you are unsure, get someone to do it for you :)


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correction for gkd.

Its WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol)
WAP is Wireless Access Protocol and is used in mobile handsets

WPA is stronger than WEP but WEP does the trick. Hiding SSID is cool too as people scanning for Wireless Access Points will not see your network.

MAC address filtering wil only allow certain PCs to access your network. This is specified by you and further adds security)

Another security method you can use its to turn off DHCP. This will mean that anyone trying to connect will not get given an address to access the network. The trick with this one is to use an oddball IP range instead of the usuall 192.168.0.x that most dumptys use (not secure)



It takes a good hacker, which ID thieves are, just 10 minutes to break into the most secured wireless connected computers! Think carefully first!!!


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Well you should be afraid but going to the Internet is much riskier imo. Having no antivirus is a good sign that you are going to get hacked and ID theft.
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