My Suggestion Importance Of Facebook Likes In Smo


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Facebook is one of the best platforms to get more traffic and customers for your online business or store. Encouraging people on facebook to like your page can help you find new customers as well as to increase your facebook page's audience. When people like your page, they will start to see your most engaging posts and shared material in their news feed bar. When people like or comment on your posts, their friends can see them connecting with your Page. So get more likes and boost up your sales.


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You can run really good small traffic tests on Facebook's ad system, sending people to your Facebook page or your own website address. That can bring you in some extra likes, especially real targeted likes that could be beneficial down the road.

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Facebook likes are important if you want people to follow your page. There is a lower chance that people will follow you if you only have a few fans. Having lots of Facebook likes can increase the visibility of your business. People will often check how many likes your page has to find out how popular it is. They are more likely to click Like if the counter shows you have lots of likes. Getting the right group of consumers to likes your page allow you to learn more about your audience and cater the right content to them.


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Facebook overtook Google in referral traffic this year. It makes sense that you would want to tap into social media traffic to build your brand.


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Facebook specialist states that for them Facebook fans are twice as effective as an email list. Their reasoning?…that email is now full of “spam” and 50% of all Facebook users log in every day.
Steve Gaither from the agency JB Chicago reports that the conversion rates for Facebook and Twitter are consistent across a number of their social media marketing campaigns.

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People blindly consider on some sites that can deliver traffic, these Facebook may deliver, but it is not all the time. I have seen Facebook shows some improvement, but still they are down to the earth.

If you are getting 10 to 50 likes per day by organic, then consider to have more traffic for your site. Most people aren't active are not following your fan page.


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Once you get more likes on your Facebook fan page, eventually you will get a lot of traffic as expected. Although you can still get traffic from your Facebook fan page with proper on-page optimization, but we are talking about social media traffic. Getting more targeted Facebook likes is the key to get more views on the things you share like websites, videos, etc. I have an existing Facebook fan page about NFL, and I get like more than 1,500+ likes and had a lot of engagement, and my partner back then is running Facebook ads. But our project failed though because our monetization strategy didn't go through, maybe we have lack of knowledge during that time.

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Facebook likes might sound as just the number but it signifies that how is the reach of the customers to your website. Facebook likes also shows importance of a page. The number can represent that this page attracts many people and it will bring you more.


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Facebook is the only site I would like to check what it can do for me. To be very frank I always felt very hesitant sharing my work on this particular platform as I thought people end to like your post but very rarely go through it. Let me give it a try right away. Thanks for suggestion.


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Obtaining a lot of Facebook likes in your page will guarantee a good number of views, reach and share of posts. This happens since liking a page will already determine the number of people who will automatically see the posts in a page.

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You are correct @sunshine Facebook is the best way to get traffic for your business. Facebook likes are important for online business because it will create effect on your business. It will shows that how much customers you have, that is the important.