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My Experience Important: Latest Social Media Research For Everyone

Discussion in 'General Business Topics' started by amanwaa, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. amanwaa

    Yellow Belt

    Oct 24, 2017
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    Hey Everyone,
    Please read carefully and " learn something new, then do something New "

    What Performs Best on Facebook [Latest Research]
    1. On Facebook, videos and photos rule.
    2. Video must be of 1 to 2 minutes. People hate long videos
    3. 71% people watch videos that make them laugh
    4. To see a good story (59%)
    5. To feel inspired (51%)
    6. Primary Goals for Marketers on Facebook:
    a) 34% Increase Brand Awareness

    b) 21% Increase Community
    c) 11% Sales/Lead Generations
    d) 10% Traffic
    7. Best way to get likes to do cross promotion. For example, if a page has 100,000 likes, you can give them money to promote your page, their audience will like your page.

    You know Pakistani and Indian can share if you give a little money. [​IMG]:)
    My Tips for You:

    1. People use social media to connect with their friends and family. Your posts must be great that can compete with their beloved posts. Use it for brand awareness.

    2. Know the importance of brand awareness. It is a killer thing if you know how powerful it can be. Coca-Cola spends 4000 million dollars on brand awareness every year.

    3. Use Buffer or Social Sprout to automate your social media profile on Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus for the whole month. I know it needs hard work!

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