Increase your Google Ranking.

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* If you have search box on your site you can create tag cloud. Google will crawl your search results, index pages with search results, discover pages which was unreachable before. Tag cloud will improve importance of your pages (especially pages which are to far from homepage) and Google will rank them better though this strategy works only for websites with 1000+ pages.

* Visit your statistic and find the most unpopular content pages. Submit this pages in social networks to get extra links (deep links). Create more internal links for this pages on your own website. Most likely your unpopular pages will get better positions in Google, Yahoo, MSN search.
Promoting your unpopular pages you can get rid from Google indexation problems.
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Hi Hafsoh,
Can you recommend social page you've mentioned?
as I know myspace use nofollow for every url we post..


I think that anyway it is not very good idea to use that to the backward links building ;)



Thank you for the value able information it indeed is very useful post.


Links help otheir crawlers find your site and can give your site greater visibility in our search results. When returning results for a search, Google combines PageRank (our view of a page's importance) with sophisticated text-matching techniques to display pages that are both important and relevant to each search. Google counts the number of votes a page receives as part of its PageRank assessment, interpreting a link from page A to page B as a vote by page A for page B. Votes cast by pages that are themselves "important" weigh more heavily and help to make other pages "important."
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