Internet curbs for India's top students

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The authorities in India's premier engineering institute, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bombay (Mumbai), have cut off internet access to students in hostels at night.

They feel that 24-hour internet access is hampering students' academic performance and overall personality development.

Students have unlimited free access to the internet in their hostel rooms to help with coursework and research but many of them use it to download movies, play games and chat online instead.

A hand on a computer mouse, India
The institute says students are losing social skills by chatting online

The press relations officer for IIT Bombay, Aruna Thosar-Dixit, told the BBC website this was having an adverse effect on their academics and social habits.

The ban was an attempt at correcting that, she said.

Students say while the reasons for doing so maybe right, the way they are going about it is wrong and the move is proving to be counter-productive.



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I was have liked to have seen censorship of the internet over a complete ban. There are quite a few filtering packages (like cameleon for ISA) that could be used to only allow censored internet access at night so students could still do course work.
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