Internet downloading extremely slow...

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I was downloading files fine before, at about 300kb/sec; now it has dropped to about under 23kb/sec.

The internet is running fine and pages load as usual, but I've tried downloading from EVERY possible site I can think of, and ALL are downloading at almost exactly 23kb/sec, which is very annoying.

I've tried downloading on other computers on my network, and all are downloading at this slow speed.

Is it the router or something to do with my ISP? I am on a DSL line.

Thanks ;)


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Id say it was your ISP , but have you tried resetting your router ? could be a very simple fix ? Or have you gone way over a download limit for this month maybe ?


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download speed

Is this p2p (eg torrents) or from a particular server (eg ftp server)

If it is via torrents, they can be very erratic in speed as people upload what they can / set to

ftp transfers will run VERY fast at first and slow down to a sensible place where transfer is accebtable to the sender.

A router reboot may help but you can only get the speed at the rate the sender (or senders) can send you it



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speed test

You could check

but disable all downloading software to get a true reading. If the reading is wrong for what you are paying for (you will have a set speed)

Then moan to your ISP and ask why it is so low.



Reset your router first. If that doesn't work, then contact your ISP, forthrightly!!! Good luck!


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Hi,you told that only your downloading speed is slow.I think the problem might be in your router ,check whether the Ethernet cable is fine also check your DSl line and reset your router/modem ,then check your downloading and uploading speed with ,if the problem still exists then contact your ISP for help.
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