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I have moved from 56k a while ago to 512k broadband and i love it's much better i'd never go bak, and im thinking of goin up again to 1mb soon cause im allways downloadin but i'd like my downloading to be faster.
Wat speed you guys got?
Cause alot of ppl are goin to broadband it's getting cheaper nearly as cheap as dial up used to be few yrs ago.


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i gt a 2mn, the speed is unbeliavable!!

I downloaded MSN messenger 7.0 in 3 seconds!! and limewire in 4!!
Its pretty fast!


WOW! that fast i cnt wait till i get 1mb, if 2mb is that fast jeepers why are they offering 4mb at the moment wouldnt that be just like too fast lol.
I'll have to buy a new hard drive soon if 1mb is gonna be fast cause im gonna be downloading like mad. With such fast internet speed though i'll hav to get more ram to make my comp run faster, to catch up with the internet speed.


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Here is my internet speed,
Download: 0.03MBps
Upload: 0.08MBps
i got my internet speed result from for free.


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The OP post i seem funny to me, as it been written in 2005. Now i have an 10MBps download/upload, and when i think about times when i was on dial-up i laugh.


I am on a 16Mbps connection - nice and quick, I'm right next door to the Phone exchange building.
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