My Suggestion Is Blog Commenting Useful?


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Okay I wanna make things straight right now. If I am going to do blog commenting just for SEO, consider it useless. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think it's effective anymore in the latest Google algorithm for good. But I am going to do blog commenting for gaining more direct social exposure and engagement, I would consider this method useful. But make sure that the comments look natural into the eyes of the blog owner and the readers. Right now, if I want to gain exposure to my website, I am not thinking anymore about ranking, but to engage with others.


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I agree with you but as they say tweeking and adding content to your blog is one good way for better listing of your blog, dont you think that comments provide you that opportunity? I always make some changes add answers to comment and tweet it. I think it helps bringing few more visitors.

Manish Mishra

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Blog commenting is very very useful, as long as you have witnessed the changes in Google's algorithm's has been done. If you really can get some do follow comments it is useful but do not worry if you have no follow comments, any way.
Remember, everything counts at the end.

Google already closing the open source door from the webmasters hands, so, the only way it could consider is the resources to understand it's achieving.


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This is just my opinion and I have no basis. What I'm looking at is the content, be it a blog or a website. Now, if you had posted a blog of say 500 words and you don't allow comments then your site count remains at 500 words. But if there are comments then your site count increases as comments are posted. And obviously a blog with so many comments have more chances of earnings in terms of contents as against a blog that stagnates with that 500 words in the example.

steve taylor

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Blog is also known as mini website. It is very popular now that time. You can find some popular blogs are there which have millions of followers. If we comment in this type of blog then definitely Its help to increase our website ranking quickly . but the content of the comment must be useful and related to both your website as well as the blog content.

Swati Mishra

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They say, blog commenting is not a good ways to generate backlinks but the things that come for free should be taken as long as it does not harm your website by any means.
blog commenting may sound you a no follow link but still it gets counted and you have to believe it.

Zirkon Kalti

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Blog commenting can improve the visibility of your blog especially if you comment on a popular post that are getting read by a lot of people. People will be browsing through the comments and they might click through your profile and learn about your website.