My Experience Is content still king?


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Content is the King, Social Media is Gasoline, there’s no second guessing that! Brands are keeping their best foot forward to create content that is original, relatable and shareable to go digitally viral. There are no signs of Social Media Marketing taking a backseat and brands are doing all they can to create better content. Indian Brands that are rocking Content Marketing

Here are a few examples for you to take a cue from and ace your content game:

1. Amul

Whenever there is a new issue, we know which brand has a poster already!

Be it any cause or an issue, Amul is always there with its opinionated version.All the topical creatives of Amul focus on the point of view of the mass to address any social situation. You will find the ever-green Amul girl in each of their content, as if she conveys the story from her perspective-making the brand even more human.

2. Zomato

Zomato knows its audience well. They know what would make them use their service, and never fails to bring out the foodie in you!Inside_2-7In July 2019, Zomato’s funny tweet, ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye’ was a great success with likes over 18,000. In fact, it earned media over other platforms as various other companies re-tweeted the same post with a different tagline

e.g.- Youtube tweeted- ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi raat ke 3 baje, phone side pe rakh ke so jana chahiye’

To this, Zomato came up with another witty tweet- ‘Guys, kabhi kabhi khud ke ache tweet bhi soch lene chahiye’.