Is Facebook Ads Beneficial?

If you are talking about creating a page and accumulating likes from it, then let me make it clear that you won't get any monetary or business benefits from them. When your facebook friends or relatives like your page, then they are just being modest. It does not take much to hit the like button even for the people you don't know. Therefore, publicity on facebook is not going to do any good to you. Trust me!

Muhammad Rizwan

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Facebook Ads is an amazing feature offered by Facebook. Marketers can sue this feature for their benefit at a low cost. Even people related to business sue this feature to promote their business to gain more customers. One of the best things is that we can earn money from Facebook. Well, it will not be a direct money making from Facebook. But we can sue some networks to earn money from it.

The easiest way to earn money is using a Facebook Page. If your facebook page is too much viral and has a lot of likes and reaches of posts daily. You can use networks like MyLikes to generate revenue from them. They will give you a link to promote on your page. The more people click on that l; ink from Facebook Page of yours. The more you will generate revenue from that particular page. Now that will require you to first boost your page performance. This can be done using Facebook Ads you can get Likes of Real people on your pages. Then these like will generate your income from those network's link.


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Hi everyone
Will you please share your experience with Facebook Ads.
Do you get benefited with Facebook ads?
Now here you didnt mention the source or the method that we get benefited from, here, it can be FB pages, websites, etc.
So if you had asked in random I would say Yes but there are catch to earn money.
I mean, if you have website you can earn money by promoting different products on your website and using facebook as advertising source.
second is if you have fb page you can get the help of fb advertising as promotion purpose.
But, facebook ads is aint the easy, you need Tools and lots of cash.


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I have used facebook to advertise my products, but sadly I made no sales even after marketing the product for the entire months. I did every thing that I was told about facebook ad, for instance targeting customer based on demography, location, interest, campaign starting with a low budget and successively increasing the budget. However, everything went in vain. I will not say facebook ad is a bad idea, but it did not work for me


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The one great thing i see with ads on facebook is the insights feature that allows you to see in a great depth that where do you stand amongst your competitors & what is your actual growth coz when you setup your ads, there is a lot of work for setting dempgraphics, age, and other related factors, which is shown in great manner by insights and ads section has got broad features to explain that.


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As a marketer, you know by now that most (if not all) of your potential customers are likely a part of Facebook's massive community. There are 890 million people signing into Facebook every single day. So, whether your target audience is college students or CEOs, they're probably using Facebook -- and some of them are using it daily.


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Putting ads in Facebook is just one of the ways to make your products known online. If you mean that placing ads on the site is beneficial to businesses, it surely is since a lot of online users check their Facebook account almost every day.