Is Google Selling Links?

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Yellow Belt
I remember this blog post from last year, and still think it's as relevant today as it was back then.

It concerns Google's Mini, which some construe as a 'selling of links' which could be viewed is a bit hypocritical, considering their stand on paid for links.

I went to their Google Mini, and in fact it looks like the price is now almost $3,000, including some sort of 2 year maintenance contract.

I did a spot check on one of their 'featured' testimonial customers, and their site shows up as having a backlink from Google of PR5.

What's your view, good business practise, or hypocrisy?

Isn't it fun when people don't practice what they preach? Google offers a link to anyone who spends at least $1,995.00. Most have seen this page before, but I read it over on Sphinn the other day and had to bring it up again.

Basically, Google will give anyone who spends a minimum of $1,995.00 per year for one of their Google Mini's, a free customer testimonial and a link back to their site. Oddly enough, they aren't playing fair in their rel=nofollow game they've been pushing on everyone else.
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