Neutral Is hostgator is best

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It depend on your experience when using, there are many hosting providers out there also very good like dreamhost, bluehost, ipage, hostcow, justhost, ixwebhosting....So you should read customers reviews carefully when decide to buy one.


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Hostgator is a good hosting supplier because they are providng secured domains to acceptable hosting fees per month.


Yes host gator is good for a hosting. But I am personally using ewebguru for few of my website. I suggest that a good hosting is that can fits on your requirement. I mostly look for a support and fast server.



Currently, I am starting Hostgator hosting.. It has best domains for my site in less amount.


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The host should provide some sort of refund (eg prorated refund or discount) if it falls below that figure. Note though that guarantees are often hard to enforce from your end - the host usually requires all sorts of documentation.


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I don't think so.
There are more better hosts with cheaper prices.
I agree with you completely. There are many other good and reliable companies, they are just not as well known as hostgator. And the quality of their service are not far behind. For example SwissHosters (google it). It is reliable Swiss company. They have both dedicated and cloud servers. All of them are protected from DDoS attacks. Their support is 24/7. They have 99.9% uptime. They worse than hostgator? I don't think so!


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hm.. I think that is depend upon your experience.. Now a days many users wants to maintain there site and quality of support. You will need to google it and you will get more reliable and guaranteed hosting comp.

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deluxservers is best hostnig provider. They provide fast and cheap hosting.


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After hostgator sold out last year many peoples lost their faith in hostgator. But as far as I know EIG doing good job probably they have retained all old staff of hostgator.
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