My Suggestion Is It Safe To Buy Facebook Likes From Site?

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Social media
is taking over the world these days. Millions of people are connected with each other using social media site. One of the most famous social media sites is called Facebook. It is one of the widely used sites all over the world. Billions of people are a part of this huge community and are continuously joining it. Along with many other benefits of social media site, one of the most important ones is marketing. A business marketer can get lots of customers by marketing on Facebook.

According to the latest updates of Google, it’s now considering social media presence as a ranking factor. Therefore, one can also get good rankings of the site by using social media sites. Now let’s get back to the original topic. So Facebook is currently offering a lot of marketing tools. These are necessary for marketing properly in their community. Due to lots of members on their site, one can get amazing results from a single campaign.

One of the most effective ways of marketing your business is having a page. Facebook is offering the service of creating a page for your business or site. It is free to create a page but you need to get likes on it. In order to add members to your page, Facebook calls it as like. If a person likes your page, Hershel will be added to your community. Whenever you share something on your page, it will be shared to all of the members. That’s why the more people who like your page, the better will be the results of your marketing.

Now, how do you get likes?

You can get likes by two different methods. One by running an advertisement on Facebook or you can also buy them from people. Facebook offers the service of putting an advertisement on their community. It takes money from you for doing this and cycles your product/post on their community. You can set the target audience for your campaign and the age group of people. Also, you can set the interest of the people to which your campaign will be shown. This has an immense increase in the likes of your page if you use this feature properly. Selecting the right audience for your product/service being promoted has lots of importance in this field.

How to buy Facebook likes?

Many people in the Facebook community are selling likes for pages. Many websites are being created especially for selling likes to people for their pages. However, their costs are very high and a new business can’t afford those rates. A thousand likes can cost you more than $30. Seems like it's affordable, but estimate about how much you have to pay for a million likes or let’s just say about a few thousand. It will be thousands of dollars for the likes of your pages.

Should you buy likes from people?

I am not inside of buying likes from websites for your pages. They are not only expensive but also irrelevant sometimes. You can’t guarantee the likes will be from real profiles. They can also be given to your by fake profiles. You can’t do anything after buying the likes from those people.
Another fact that should be focused on is that Facebook monitors such activity. They don’t like people who buy likes outside of Facebook. If you do so, you will be strictly dialed with their team and they will remove the likes too.

So what should you do now?

Now you will ask me what to do then? Where do we get trusted people for getting likes? Or is it bad to buy likes from people?

Let me tell you that not all people will scam you. If you search on Google you will get lots of trusted sites, who provide legit likes to people. You can check reviews of people about the site on Google. But the fact I don’t prefer this is, due to the costs. A legit site providing real likes will charge you huge costs. If you can afford it for your pages, you can go for it.

At that time, you should prefer Facebook Ads for your marketing. You can get good results but marketing through their system. It would be a cheaper way of getting likes on your Facebook Page.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
I bought a Facebook likes website on Flippa before. It comes with an instruction on how to generate profits. Basically, buying Facebook likes is useless. It is just a waste of money. The store where you buy the Facebook likes will outsource it for cheap to place like SEO clerks where you can get thousands of Facebook likes for $1. The best thing is to build your Facebook likes naturally by posting valuable content and be active on Facebook.


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It's totally crap, whether you may bought from Facebook, or from other sites. I bought likes from a person who sold a package on Facebook and they were nothing except the stats. The post doesn't reach for engagement, but it is good in startup to get real likes.
Some people told that they got bot likes from direct Facebook advertisements. Have you searched in Google how many are saying likes are waste.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
I would not prefer buying the likes, as if you are not dedicated to your customers and you are showing dedication just by buying likes. I would recommend you to please make efforts in the way that your customers are pleased and liked your services so much that they themselves gives you likes and suggestions.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Facebook likes just signifies the popularity if your Facebook fan page or web page. Purchasing is not a bad idea when you are buying it from sites like fiverr. It comes dirt cheap from here, some of the guy may gives you 2000 likes for just 5 bucks.

Although, you should not believe these likes to stay forever but it is a good way to get loads of likes to boost your web presence.

My experience: I have purchased 2 years back 1600 likes from fiverr and i can see i still have 1400+ likes.


Content Writer
Facebook likes if you want to do publicity of your web page or group then i don't think buying the likes may give you more benefits. You can do it in a right way also if you are regular active and provide the quality content and if that page is really useful to people they automatically got attracted towards it. I always prefer this way , buying like or doing other thing is not ethical in my point of view.


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