Help Me/Question Is It Worthwhile To Use Google Adwords For Small Business?

Zirkon Kalti

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Is Google Adwords worth it for small business. Does it really work in generating a good return on investment (ROI)? What are the average costs of managing an Adwords campaign? What is the average pay per click cost for small business?


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I'd say yes Adwords is an excellent source of leads, but in the end it all comes down to the niche or product. Paying for ads should be the last step when it comes to marketing your product. The most important thing when using Adwords should be a ready and excellent landing page which captures the user's attention and well designed call-to-action sections which guide users to take action and buy the product.

Some methods used by marketers to improve the landing pages and lead capture is:

They use a "limit time offer" kind of page offering (or atleast appearing to offer) a huge discount, well written sales pitch with professional imagery and graphics. The marketing and leads capturing funnel should be created well in advance before beginning to pay for ads.

Exit pages for second chance offers: When visitors read and leave the sales page without buying, they are quickly offered a bigger discount and some "bonus" items if they buy instantly, this has proven to gain some customers who were almost about to leave the site.

Newsletter and marketing lists: Not all visitors will instantly buy an item, but gathering their email address into a marketing list gives you few more chances to get their money. Usually marketers provide some kind of "bonus" or "insider deals" as an incentive to register into their newsletter.

If the sale is for a unique niche product, these steps are simple enough. But, if the advertising is being done for a website as a whole, one cannot expect the same amount of sales compared to a very specific ad campaign with its landing page tailor made and using targeted keywords.

One should use SEO and content marketing and setup a well designed lead capturing page before beginning to spend money on ads. That being said, yes Adwords is still one of the most excellent PPC platform and the reason some keywords are sold at high prices for each click is because advertisers are making a profit inspite of paying such a hefty price for Adwords.


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Google Adwords can be beneficial for any business if your campaigns are successful and you generate a lot of traffic to build your keyword popularity. It should be worth the money that you invest in Google Adwords to promote your business in search engines and generate traffic and leads.


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yes google Adword is a worth full for any one who may be a new business man or an expert one , but the work or some time hard work is required in the background to generate high rate of traffic for good income


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I am definitely profitable with my adwords account, but I just sprinkle low-ball adds at $.01 or $.02 I do not get much traffic from them ( because I am outbid all the time), but the traffic I do get is profitable. And that is what every company needs to decide.. and you need to use Google Analytics to confirm if your ad-buys are profitable. For most websites, it is very easy to track visitors and see if they led to conversions if coming from adwords.

Manish Mishra

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First of all, we need to understand how small or semi-small business you are going to start. If this is really very small, I will not suggest you to go for Adwords since it needs a portion of investment that if not turns into business then it gives you no profit after all.

Another perspective is, if you are capable of making a good investment and starts with a little investment and find there some result. It will definitely be an excellent idea to go this way.