Help Me/Question Is Php Best For Making Your Website?

suzzi winget

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hiii, i am creating my website to share my knowledge and to earn through my website.but i am stuck in coding.. i know php is one of the best language for website..but my colleagues advised me to learn .net for coding of your website.
is it necessary..? cant php coding is enough to make website and to make it attractive?

Pooja Sharma

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If you are new to website building . in place of using coding like html or php, you may refer to any sitebuilding tools which gives your predesigned interface , with drag and drop options. If you wish to start your learning in coding , you may refer to any help article in building website using HTML, as it is very easy and is most preferred language to build website.

Prasoon Arora

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Selecting any language require your own holds, whether you are comfortable with the technical stuffs or not. Using HTML for newbie is mostly preferred, as it is very easy to use and even with simple coding you can build your website, from animating text to navigation bars with drop down features.
Using php, is the second option if you are comfortable in searching and troubleshooting. All your efforts applied, would directly reflect in building your own website.


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Yes php is one of the best programming languages for creating website.If you know php and if you are master in php coding then you will easily create website.
But if you are a newbie then choose sitebuilding tools which requires no coding and can make your website live like dreamweaver.

steve taylor

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Website contain two parts front end and back end . For front end development we are use scripting language like HTML CSS Java script . with the help we can develop front of the webpage . The interface that interact with user . PHP is the back end scripting language with the help of PHP we interact with data base . So only PHP is not enough for developing any website .


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If you understand coding then you can come up with your script. Understanding PHP can be a little difficult. And if you plan to copy script from open sources then consider your site's security. There are other softwares that you can use to easily come up with your site. You can choose to use MySQL if you are new at coding. It is a software that you can use to come up with your site in easy steps. You can also choose from the free WordPress themes and then customise it to come up with your desired site. There are also ready made templates that you can buy online and edit them. You can use them to easily design your site.


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Yes PHP is best for making your website Because it is a open source software that means easy to download from internet.
But PHP is not enough for Making your website,
You have to be also a good knowledge about HTML, JavaScript, CSS and any database such as MySQL
HTML for your layout Design
JavaScript for your validation or design
CSS for your webpage style and design
MySQL for your database
PHP for connection between HTML and Database.


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PHP is the present leader for Website-designing, but there are already ready made scripts that can fit for your website needs. If you want to do yourself, then it takes a lot of time. Your colleague may told to use .net, but it needs windows server and the cost is too high.

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