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My Experience Is Search Marketing Expertise Still Alive?

Discussion in 'General Marketing and Promotion' started by fisker, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. fisker

    Yellow Belt

    Jan 12, 2016
    +7 / -0
    And so my inner conflict continues:

    Whenever I start talking about PPC bidding methods, the people around me tend to look at me like I was speaking another language. Even digital agency owners are stumped by this.

    To me, keeping up with the people, events and personalities in an industry may not be obvious, but it certainly is important. Maintaining relationships in an industry that moves as fast as this one can be counterproductive. There's a difference between "on paper" and "real" answers. Having a great network can help get you there faster.

    Here, I am going to challenge the fiction doing rounds these days that agencies can't climb out from low margins unless they deliver a cookie-cutter service or figure out scale. Just look at a company like ReachLocal. Have a look at their financials and decide whether they are doing really well or not yourself.

    Is working "In the Business" bad?


    Like any small business, agencies now believe that they need to stop looking at accounts and achieving results for clients directly. Unfortunately, this is the perfect way of staying small. How do you get big then?

    The real problem here is when agency founders stay as technicians. They say that there are three people fighting for control in the body of a founder, the manager, the technician and the entrepreneur. The technician just cares about the business and wants to work on everything. But balance is key here since the technician can destroy everything if left alone.

    Expertise matters

    Expertise has a knack for rubbing off on employees working on digital marketing. It can always help for some employees to get careers that have professional direction as opposed to addressing certain odd tasks throughout their careers. There are just a few ways in which this can happen and in most cultures, ownership isn't looking at letting it happen at all.

    As an owner, the first thing to stop is the whole, "I'm too big for my boots act." You shouldn't start calling yourself an angel investor or philanthropist either. Mentoring is very important here. There are a lot of agencies which are focused heavily on monitoring and getting as much work as possible out of their employees that they forget about mentoring altogether.

    Meetups and conferences are invaluable when it comes to learning and insight. Even though budgets are tight and not every agency will be able to attend, but excluding oneself from these events is like running a company without any insight whatsoever.

    "Agency Culture"

    This has nothing to do with paintball or the snacks at the office. It is about a shared mission and a culture of expertise. It shouldn't just about financial performance all the time. Some of the biggest agencies in the world are the ones can afford inspiring and educating their employees.

    Michael Gerber says, the brilliance about the Turn Key Revolution is that businesses can operate even with people who have the lowest amount of skill. This is not something which should be acceptable to any business.

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