Help Me/Question Is There Anymore Value In Press Release Links

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
Is press release link still useful nowadays? If using pressing release is a tactic will get you penalized by Google, then how does one deal with the old press releases and links? How to clean up this to restore the site?

niranjan kumar

White Belt
Press Release is still valuable technique for getting higher rank easily in search engine result page. In press release not any penalties by search engine.
For doing press release find some press release websites, there are two types of press release website some provide you instant live backlink but some take few days in releasing your press.


White Belt
Press Release is very important factor for getting higher rank in search engine result page. If you have not done press release for your website go and find some instant live press release site acceding to your niche. Make a good content article include a anchor text and post on press resale sites.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Press Release submission is still one of the great resource of attending traffic and links reference with a lesser charm in the crowd. People still having their website got submitted to some of the popular press releases and so is the results they are enjoying.