For Sale - 30 Uniques/Day - Pagerank 3

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Hi all,

Im selling my website indexed in all search engines and recieves 600 Unique visitors per moneth. most traffic come's from Google Search Engine. The web site is Page Rank 3.

The domain name is number 10 in google search engine in this keyword (invision skins) and number 19 in this keyword (invision skin)

Registrar: Namepros

Traffic Avg: 30 uniques/day

Google Income: About $4/month

Starting Bid: 50$

Bin: 150$

Current offer: 70$

I have changed my hosting and lost all traffic stat, however i have stats for the last 5 days and the google income to show. Pm me for more details if you are interested. Thank You.
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Did you sell this site yet? All I see is a bunch of Adsense banners on it.
I can open the site but there isn't much on it at all.

I would pay $70 on it as it needs a lot of work. Why don't you build it up more and get your stats back and then try and sell it at a better price later??
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