Help Me/Question Javascript Is Necessary For Website Development.

niranjan kumar

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I have seeded all times in website development JavaScript is used, but in term of seo JavaScript is bad for website health and page speed. Many other problems i also faced. it is possible to develop a website without JavaScript.


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It might necessary unless we need such types of requirement wherever. It is just like something that we need to add in food for tasty. If it is not good for Seo, then try to use other languages that can perform better.
I personally think JS is kinda worthless. I would learn JQuery and/or Ajax and I would suggest giving PHP a try to see if it's any better.


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its actually depends on your website functionality. You can develop your site using only html and css. But if you want to use some functionality like slider, pop up, top to button then you need to use javascript.

saurabh mathur

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Yes, of course.We can make complete website without the use of JavaScript. We call all those website as static website which are those websites that just contain the information. But if you want your website to perform some kind of actions when a event occur, like drag a mouse or click then you need a JavaScript for sure.

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