My 2 Cents Javascript Vs Jquery


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I think there are still people here who don't haven't exactly had the time to learn what Javascript and JQuery is. I will discuss a short essay on what this two really are.

Javascipt - is a programming language, where you can create instructions for the machine to do. It mostly talks about functions, data structures and loops

JQuery - is just a library. Or to be exact a library for Javascript. JQuery is used by Javascipt to enhance its capabilities.

Here is another way to explain both of them. A compute mouse (JQuery) and the desktop computer (Javascript). Without a computer mouse it is more difficult for a user to use a desktop, but not really impossible, however you will need a lot of effort.

You cannot really differentiate the two since they are completely different. Hope you understand.

Manish Mishra

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@jowjow You have explained it very beautifully mate. Especially the mouse and desktop example was an easiest way so anyone can understand vene if s/he does not know a bit about programming.

JQuery provides a pitch road to travel a long and beautiful journey ahead. By using JavaScript, We can employ JQuery into the program and perform better task.