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I have over the years read many of his books, I never liked the film adaptations of them, apart from maybe The Firm, I have three awaiting my critical eyes.

The Innocent Man,Playing for Pizza or the Appeal?

Anyone else read any of these?

If so which one shall I start with?

Red Baron

Oh, I've read many of John Grisham's book - but not these 3 so I'm no help!

Let me know what they are like and I will add them to my buying list!


Wild Bill

I have read all of Grishams books,I love them.

However I was unaware of those three,so I just looked on wiki.

I prefer his legal fiction,so I would choose the appeal.

I always wait till my local library gets them,as I don't usually buy fiction,it takes up shelfspace and is usually only read once.


The firm is my favourite film adaptation too, but I haven't read his books since the Runaway Jury - got bored with them. But I've just finished Lee Child's Bad Luck and Trouble and am waiting for the next one to come out in paperback - the harback version spoils the look on my bookshelf!

Also loved Beverley Connor's books - about a forensic anthropologist.


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I have read most of his books and he is a great storyteller. I really liked A Time to Kill(both parts) and The Racketeer. If you like John Grisham's novels, I suggest you to take a look at Jeffrey Archer's novels as well. The both write similar sort of genres and are excellent storytellers. Read Kane and Abel, Only time will tell and Not a Penny more, Not a penny less. They all are good. :)
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