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Couldn't resist this one...thanks TheDoctor over at WHT:

People are noticing that Presidential candidate John Kerry is a very accommodating sort of person. Seems that he adapts his position to fit whatever crowd he is speaking to at the moment. Most recently he was in Detroit where he bragged about owning a big SUV. Days later he was speaking to an ecological group and condemned anyone who would drive an SUV. When confronted about this by the press he stated that he didn't own an SUV his WIFE does!!! LOL! Now Kerry is trying to reach out to all the different nationalities. Check this out...

Massachussetts Senator and Presidential hopeful John Kerry today announced that further research into his roots has revealed that he, in addition to being Irish, Jewish, and Southern white trash, is also Hispanic. According to a statement issued by Kerry:

"Si, si, this happy new discovery comes as no great surprise to me. I love Taco Bell, and my family often teases me about my favourite cartoon character, Speedy Gonzales... that "reba reba, underlay underlay" thing he yells cracks me up every time. And I have always felt most comfortable wearing large hats and ponchos, although my position as Senator very rarely gives me a chance to do so. In closing, I would like to say "iy iy iy".

When asked for particulars as to the national origin of his new-found Hispanic ancestors, Kerry replied that he wasn't too sure, but that they were the sort of people "beloved not only of Mexicans, but also Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and any other little brown people who vote."


It has also been a long time goal of the democratic party to raise fuel economy standards for new cars and trucks.
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