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JunaWeb.com is having another special where you can get 40% off your entire order when you order Juna Web's Pro Package. You will get 5,000 MB Space, 60,000 MB Bandwidth with Unlimited Resources in the latest cPanel with Fantastico.


Pro Package:

Space: 6,000 MB (6 GB)
Bandwidth: 60,000 MB (60 GB)
Parked Domains: unlimited
Addon Domains: unlimited
Subdomains: unlimited

FTP Accounts: unlimited
mySQL Databases: unlimited

Email accounts: unlimited
Auto Responders: unlimited
Forwarders: unlimited
Mailing Lists: unlimited

FREE Setup

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You will save 40% no matter what term you pick whether it is monthly or yearly.

You can use this following code to save 15% on our other packages.:

Coupon: Christmas

Our other packages:

Newbie Package:

Space: 1,000 MB (1 GB)
Bandwidth: 15,000 MB (15 GB)
Parked Domains: 10
Addon Domains: 20
Subdomains: 50

FTP Accounts: 50
mySQL Databases: 50

Email accounts: 100
Auto Responders: 100
Forwarders: 100
Mailing Lists: 100

Setup: FREE!
Monthly Price: $1.99/mo
Quarterly Price: $1.89/mo
Semi-Annually: $1.69/mo
Annually: $1.49/mo

Order Newbie

Expert Package:

Space: 2,500 MB (2.5 GB)
Bandwidth: 30,000 MB (30 GB)
Parked Domains: 20
Addon Domains: 40
Subdomains: 100

FTP Accounts: 100
mySQL Databases: 100

Email accounts: 200
Auto Responders: 200
Forwarders: 200
Mailing Lists: 200

Setup: FREE!
Monthly Price: $2.99/mo
Quarterly Price: $2.89/mo
Semi-Annually: $2.69/mo
Annually: $2.49/mo

Order Expert

We accept Paypal And Credit Cards. Both Coupon Codes Expire December 31st, 2008. These are the Last JunaWeb.com Coupons for the year.

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or submit a support ticket. We are also available via AIM and MSN.

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