My Suggestion Jvzoo Or Click Bank Which Would Be Preferred?

Muhammad Rizwan

Content Writer
Click Bank Marketplace is one the biggest and the easiest affiliate marketing networks out there from a long time. Many people have joined this network and are earning reasonable commissions from it. The reason is it's the easiest network, promoting and selecting a product is not a tough task. Just take your promotion link and promote it anywhere you want to get sales. Most of the products on Click Bank have amazing commission percentage and even recurring in some products.

On the other hand, JVZoo is also a good network working online. They have a lot of products too that can be promoted online. Some of them have a good commission and some have a little less. But the networks I working hard to survive in the competition.

My preferred network is Click Bank because it's easy for newbies in affiliate marketing. Almost anyone can join ClickBank and then start generating revenue by promoting their products online.

Cleveland Williams

Content Writer
Click Bank is the current affiliate marketing company that I am using. Just yesterday, I created a website and uploaded all the products and services in less than 24 hours. My website is now ready to start produce an income for myself. I have never heard of JVZoo, but after visiting their website, they see pretty easy to use, just not as easy as Click Bank. Me being a newbie to this industry, I look forward to learning and watching my business grow.


Well-Known Member
I have heard about these marketplaces but have never used their service. I have tried ebay and Amazon, made more sales on ebay and less on Amazon. I am using Amazon on my website, however, I was rejected by ebay because it said I don't have top level domain. My question is related to this issue, do these marketplace require top level domain to market products.


It's Game Time!
There's nothing wrong in choosing between Clickbank and JVZoo. They are both very good affiliate programs for internet and affiliate marketing niche. To tell you the truth, I used Clickbank first and I indeed made money there. Few years ago, I received my first and only check in Clickbank worth $179 because of product reviews on my internet marketing blog before. Since my motivation has totally run off, my Clickbank earnings stopped. But when my good ol' friend gave me a lift and helped me revive my own affiliate marketing instincts, he introduced me to JVZoo. I experienced recurring commissions from his product before from more than 10 clients, and I was making passive income. But after a month, my sales have dropped and recurring customers have reduced until I have nothing left. But I am not giving up yet, because I know failures are part of making me grow and improve.