Help Me/Question Keyword Research And Their Use

Doominic anderson

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Keyword research is how much important in seo for increasing crowd on the website and what are the important points which should keep in mind while stuffing these keywords.
And also want to know that i have to find keywords for every pages,i am totally confused.


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Hello @Doominic anderson,

First and foremost, what is your website? What topic does it focus anyway? I think you should be reading this thread about the advantages of keyword research that could help you find the answers you want:

Tutorial - What Are The Advantages Of Doing Keyword Research

There are some important points that have been mentioned by @Zirkon Kalti, and I think there are some answers you can find it here. But if you think that this isn't the one you're looking for, try to browse some of the threads here that talks about keyword research, and I think there are some helpful inputs there as well. Just my two cents buddy.


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Keyword research is very very important for your website.
Suppose that you start a small business so you need to know about business plan, business knowledge and marketing knowledge.
After that keyword research is basically choose by your website content and their product.
Because Keyword helps you to increasing traffic for your website.


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Yes it is right that keywords is very important for website to increase traffic.
But tell me the topic on which you are making your website. Try to research as much as you can about that topic on google. So you will get to know more information of your topic then select the word which you feel has high chance of getting visitors and less competition then paste it on google adwords. Google adwords is the best tool for finding the right keywords.

steve taylor

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Keyword research is the very important task if you not select good keywords then you can face much problem in Search Engine Optimization. So keywords should be selected very carefully . There are some tools which can help to select keywords related to your article. Most popular keyword planner are google adword you can use them for plan you keyword.

niranjan kumar

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Keyword is most important for website as a human name is important for their identification. Both names are decided when their birth and theses names are become popular as they work.
So it's very important because a good and easy, cache and more-bale keyword name is most important. For branding and become popular.

Swati Mishra

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Researching good keywords for your website is really an excellent way to get your result. This way you can let the search engines what are the keywords you are working with. Engaging and enforcement with the keywords within your on page seo you can gain a good ranking.

Zirkon Kalti

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You must first find out what is your audience before you can come up with the keyword ideas for your site. Most newbies will prefer broad match keyword. Make sure the keyword you choose is what your prospects are searching and not a keyword that is obscure and no one know.


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Keyword research is the one of the On page Search Engine Optimization activity. Rank of the website increase quickly if you use right keyword for your content and also placement of the keyword also play a important role in increasing the page rank of the website.

Manish Mishra

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If you have developed a website knowing what are you going to do and what are your audience. You can be perfect to pick the right keywords for your website. Finding right keywords for your website is really important because this way you can write some of the excellent articles that attracts and bring your customers back every time they read your articles.

This way you also manage to have lots of customers and have a willing to do better in the competition while optimizing your keywords.