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This tips provided by me is from my own experience and I am ready to answer your queries. In this post I will explaining about the KeyWords optimization

KeyWords optimization for SEO

If you are running a website it is more important to concentrate on the KeyWords optimization. Most of the people will be looking into increasing the PR of the website, they assume that high PR will get more traffic. I have two sites with PR 3 and PR 5. I am getting more traffic from PR 3 site. So, focusing on keywords is the main part for increasing the traffic. I will be writing important points while considering the keywords in your webpage.

1)When you are writing the title of the web page, that is the right place to put your main key word. Please be precise when writing the title and also the order words are important. Don't use any punctuation and common words like in,and,etc. For example, "KeyWords Optimization Techniques".

2) You can write the meta-description tag which briefly explains the theme of the page. try to use the keywords effectively.

3)Header on the page. Use <h1> for the important keywords. That means when you are using the heading, please name it properly and don't put any unnecessary words.

4)It is important to high light the key words using tags <b>,<i>,<h3>,<h2>. Writing article is not the only job for you, using the proper keywords only show your page in the google.

5)Don't use the keywords more number of times. It depends on the length of your web page but try to spread the keywords across the page. Over-repetition of keywords on a page might be interpreted as spam by the search engines.

6)Use keywords in the anchor texts. For example, instead of using the anchor text as "see here", use the keywords in anchor text. That is another place where search engines give importance.

There may be other tips aswell, I will be posting in this thread. If anyone have good knowledge on keywords, please share it here.


Thanks for sharing nice information about KeyWords optimization for SEO. it's really useful information.
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