Positive Language Learning And Building Website Using W3schools Knowledge Platform.

Prasoon Arora

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We all wish to explore things as much as we can. Being a Web Master, I have experienced number of scenarios when I was unaware of the things to move ahead and was not even having the option to look around.

For the newbie, who do not have much time, and wish to explore the coding experience to the level so that they can build their own website, who have experienced the same, may refer to the W3Schools website.

From the starting to the end , with simplicity and core techniques which may be require by any Web Master to build a website using html, php or else, W3Schools provide you the detailed step wise description to learn coding and build your website. The most useful things what I have experienced is its chapter wise description and its option of the result box to customize and use the coding yourself to see the respective results.

What are you waiting for, go and give it a try.

Pooja Sharma

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I still remember one of my instance when I was supposed to build a contact form for my website and found one from W3schools. I copied the coding and pasted on my /contact.html page but could not make it works. I have to consult with an web expert who further told me to associate a correct business email to work it properly. After adding correct business email, I was surprised of the contact form to work so smoothly. You can refer to the online websites, but not always as there always the time when you have to put your own efforts or you have to take the support from other.


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Yes! This website is the reason why I have learned and implement to build a standalone HTML websites for myself. I give credit to W3Schools knowledge platform, and it's pretty and simple for me to learn about HTML for good. I tried other sources on where I can study HTML for good. So far, most of them are great, but W3Schools is pretty much better than them. I liked their interface and they have some practice box on where I can put some codes, and the website will automatically give the output for me to see if I'm doing it right or not.


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When I was new to the Internet heard a lot things about w3schools, few times seen the site, but I learn't CSS at Tizag website as it is too easier and they offered with plenty of information. Tizag offers free forum support too for getting help from other members.

There are more alternative sites, but W3schools was the top one for everyone in the world.

suzzi winget

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This site is very useful. i always prefer using this site as it contain tutorials of many programming languages like java, css, html, php etc. whenever i got an assignment of languages without any doubt. i goggled w3schools.com. it is very helpful for beginners as helps in clearing the concepts.


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This website is very helpful to those who would want to expand their business or skills online as they provide detailed and step by step procedure in doing businesses online. This is also a good way to start in knowing the effective tools in becoming visible online.

Manish Mishra

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The one of the best available tools that is making newbie to a good programmer. Even if you have not programmed earlier, you can learn some easy way to get through and would be able to develop your own website. Programming is another good concept that is explained marvelously to help new programmers to involve in to develop programming skills.