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When we launched Google Chrome two months ago, the response was overwhelmingly positive. We got all sorts of support and encouragement from many users, but we also got the most valuable resource we could ask for: feedback! Because of the variety of software and hardware configurations that exist "in the wild," users were able to find a few issues that we hadn't come across. In particular, they reported problems with Google Chrome's support for plugins used to play videos and show PDFs.

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Thanks for updating plugin performance. I already installed Chrome in my system. Chrome has many features. Instead of using JavaScript technology, Google chrome uses online word processing and spreadsheet program to make Web pages more interactive. Chrome browser makes the web faster, safer, and easier.



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I might eventually try Chrome. Just that a number of comments I've seen are a bit negative because it's a bit too basic.


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Google Chrome is moving fast but I dislike some of it's features and that is why I do not use it.

I still rely on my good old Firefox.I enjoy using the addons


I use Chrome as my default browser now, nice and clean and simple. :)
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