My 2 Cents Leading Companies Using Blackhat Practices

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White Belt
Dear friend, Recently I came across a discussion where the topic was raised regarding Big, Bigger And Biggest enterprises indulging themselves in Corrupt SEO practices commonly known as Black Hat practices. I was shocked to know that multi billionaire giants also did such kind of mischief.

Mercedes site was banned and Google ranked them 0 from 7 once they come to about the plot. also done the same thing. Can you tell me few other mighty companies which did the same and later got caught by Google?


Bigger companies have already high ranking,then what is the matter of concern for them.
They already have a lot of traffic on them.They would not find any problem with this.


Yellow Belt
Google will soon catch them.when google will crawl the website and the links,all will be finished.


Yellow Belt
I don't understand that biggest company already get thousands of traffic everyday, so why they do black hat SEO even SEO.
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