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We all love to take photos, it's one of the nicest way of remembering about that nice holiday or about my first car.

Sometimes, though, we take shots that on the camera look good, but on our screen not. The colors are not the "alive" as they were looking on the camera.

Fixing the photos

Well, in order to fix our photos we just need to follow some quick steps, using Adobe Photoshop Software.

We open our image using Adobe Photoshop and we will see on the top part, a menu called <<Image>>. We select the following path

<<Image>> -> << Mode >> -> << Lab Color >>

Now you may not notice anything important changing now, but if we move on the right side, bottom we have a box with <<Layers>> , <<channels>> and <<paths>>

If you cannot see it, then choose to display it by following the path

<< Windows >> -> << Layers >>

On the Layers you may not notice any change, but if you click on the <<channels>> you will see not that you have the followings :

- Lab
- Lightness
- A
- B

So here is how we will make our colors bright and alive

We click on "A" and we move to Image -> Adjustments - Levels.

We'll have a box in front of us and there will be some fields for values in this model

Input Levels : 0 | 1.00 | 255

We will change these values as follows

Input Levels : 55 | 1.00 | 200

After, apply the same thing on channel "B"

We move again to

<<Image>> -> << Mode >> -> but now we select << RBG >>

And that is all. We have a fresh image!

Note : this is working excellent with nature photos, but it is also working for photos with people and/or animals.


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