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I offer a link exchange widget that installs on your site with just a few lines of code and that will place your link on all other past, present and future widget sites (in a directory format).

The widget is organized as a web directory and we manage the categories and the links for you. You just install it and forget it. New links are reviewed and added as they come in. Clean, quality sites only please.

As more widgets are installed so too does the traffic. Widget sites have opportunity to sell traffic (i.e. paid links) in the more competitive categories, as they fill up. You don't have to install the widget to submit a link but if you do there are potential financial rewards.

We are looking to place widgets on sites with real content, not directory only sites. We consider the links as "our content" meaning we believe adding the quality directory to a website is adding another form of content, hence the "widget" approach.

The directory points to your main page. Then, after the visitors are through (and only then) they hopefully find the widget on your site to return back to the directory and other member's websites.
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