My Experience Litespeed Web Server: One Of The Best Web Server, Fast And Secure

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LiteSpeed Web Server is a novel that aims to compete with Apache, one of the most interesting solutions and safe to use with your hosting. LiteSpeed currently fully supports the files. Htaccess URL Rewrite, although not completely compatible in terms of modules. The name was probably chosen on the basis that its authors consider it the fastest, a benchmark is posted on the site.

Here are the performance benchmarks between LiteSpeed 2.1, compared to Apache and Lighttpd:


LiteSpeed also a protection against DDOS attacks and an admin panel (accessible via browser) to configure some parameters, verify the data server and many other interesting things.
Supports PHP, CGI, PERL, and Ruby on Rails, etc..

The Standard Edition of LiteSped is free, and you can download it from here.

The Enterprise version (with more features and options) is not free, prices for the various licenses are specified on this page.

It 'also a trial version for 15 days after you test and see live performance of LiteSpeed, here are the various download depending on your operating system on the server.
Features LiteSpeed
CGI, FastCGI, LSAP, PHP, Servlet / JSP, Proxy
SSL, IPv4, IPv6
Best Ruby on Rails support
Apache compatible. Htaccess support
mod_security compatible request filtering
Apache compatible URL rewrite engine
MS FrontPage Server Extension
Strictest HTTP request validation
Deny Any buffer-overrun Attempts
Anti-DDoS: Throttling & Connection Accounting
System overload prevention
Chrooted web server process
CGI / fcgi / LSAP / PHP / RUBY suEXEC
Virtual host chroot
Speed and Performance
Up to 9 times faster Than Apache
PHP Performance Increases 50%
Best Ruby on Rail performance
3 Times Faster Than Apache SSL
Efficient CGI daemon
High performance Perl daemon
SSL Hardware acceleration


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Seems quite decent option as webmaster, as description shows that light speed web servers are quite fast.
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