Locoroco review (PSP)

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Locoroco is one of those games that I'd heard a lot about but it looked a bit childish for my liking. I decided to play it on my girlfriend's PSP one evening for a bit of fun and I have to say, it definitely surprised me!

The aim of locoroco is basically to get all your (I'm really not sure what to call them, so I shall call them roco's) roco's to the end of the level. You can eat strawberries to gain more roco's and there are a number of secret areas to find. You need to find all the loco's and stars to get 100% and you also need them to unlock certain things that you couldn't otherwise unlock. An example of this is at one point where I had to have 15 roco's to make a block move so I could access another area.
To move to roco's you simply 'tilt' the play arena using the R and L buttons and the roco's will roll in the direction you specify. You can squish your roco's together to make a big ball or split them all apart to get into smaller areas.
The areas are well designed and thought out and there is a variety of different challenges through out. It's pretty addictive, but it's also a great game to just pick up and play now and again. I found it made train journeys much more enjoyable as it doesn't involve a lot of thought while still remaining interesting.

The sound track to this game is a bit like marmite. You either love it or you hate it. I have to say I got pretty into it while playing the game and enjoyed it. It's definitely not something I've heard before and it really adds to the quirkiness of the game in a positive way. Having said that, listening to it while someone else is playing the game, you soon want to take the PSP and throw it out the window.

The graphics are obviously pretty basic. You don't need to fork out much for the game and it's not intended to have highly advanced graphics. The whole point of the game is that it is a bit quirky, a bit retro and a whole load of fun.

Graphics 7.5

Basic graphics though they compliment the feel of the game perfectly.

Gameplay 8.5

Really fun gameplay. Easy to pick up and play and anyone in the family can have a go!

Sound 8.0

I really enjoyed the sound on the game, though I'm sure it will get on some people's nerves. It's definitely innovative though.

Longevity 7.0

Doesn't take that long to complete and I doubt most people would go back for a second helping. Fun to play through the whole way though and doesn't get too boring.

Overall 8.0
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