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London020 is a simply clever 3 columns wordpress template. The template is widget ready so from the widgets you can control the both sidebars very simple.
Also the entire content of the homepage can be customized from the homepage code by simply changing the name of the categories you want to be displayed on the homepage.
If your post contain images, then the image will be display on the homepage also automatically, without human intervention.

Also there is the option of 2 big advertising spaces that can be controlled by simply changing the location of the banner and the URL the banner is pointing.
It does not need any special plugins, all you need is the template. Simply download the London020 Wordpress Template and use it.
You can easily say that this is a template that can help you change the wordpress from a simple blog engine to a complete CMS
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Thanks man, i liked the template and i could use it for my academic project. Let me say thanks again...
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