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Seeking Partners Looking for channel partner in india/ u.s/ u.k/ australia/ canada + more 34 countries

Discussion in 'Programming Services' started by ibsinfosolution, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. ibsinfosolution

    White Belt

    Jan 6, 2013
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    Start Online Web Development Company, No Technical Skill Needed- All India/ U.S/ U.K/ Australia/ Canada and more 34 countries.

    If interested in setting up web development and web hosting company under your name, Kindly go through the details

    Ibsinfosolution.net is an experienced & leading software & web development company located in India, As of now we are completed more than 3,000 plus projects with more 250 reseller & 75 business assocites across 17 countries. Our service & products includes domain name registration, shared & reseller web hosting, business related software, corporate email server, database creation, web design & development

    We help individuals & small business owners in starting up online web development company under your name, No technical skill required, no experience, no office space, Just a computer with internet knowledge, We will be providing a professional 45 page website with your company name, Free search engine submission, 7000 plus email leads, 250 classifieds & web directories for promoting the business, We will also provide assistance in getting web development projects from the market, If you have a technical team, you can complete the project by yourself orelse we will helping in completing the project & charge 33% of the project value. The initial & one time investment will be Rs 7,499/- or 189US$ for the entire above package, It will take 2 - 3 days to complete all the formalities, website & start the business

    Thanks for your valuable time.
    For Ibsinfosolution

    Mobile Line 1: +91-7505464366, Mobile Line 2: +91-7309125676, Skype: ibsinfosolution, Email: contact(at)ibsinfosolution.net.
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