My Suggestion Looking For Game Server Providers?


Servers from Okayservers are specially designed for gaming server hosting, We are one of the top game server providers.

We feature an uptime of 99.9% and delivers exactly as promised within 48 hours, We offer guaranteed bandwidths of 500 Mbps and 1Gbps burst on dedicated game servers.

We provide the best security options for large businesses as well. You want to ensure that your important data is protected. We run hardware based firewalls to protect your server from cyber-attacks.

What's Included

  • RAM32GB DDR3
  • Disk2x240 GB
  • BandwidthUnmetered
  • RAIDSoft
  • Cores/Threads4c/8t
  • Network Port1Gbps

DDoS Protection Pro _______ Guaranteed Bandwidth ______France and Canada
(Anti-DDos GAME mitigation) _________(250 Mbps) ____________ (FREE Setup)


I know quality gameserver hosting is available form
Servers are well-balanced and prices are affordable.


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For high configured game servers go with scopehosts, you will get high end servers with tailor-made solutions and 24/7 support.