Looking for help to set the keyword for website!!

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[FONT=&quot]I'm new in online business and looking for a help to give good keyword to my website so that I can get good traffic. I know the correct keyword helps in increasing the online business. If you people have any idea in this or you may have any experience that can help me in selecting the correct key word then please suggest me. Any help will be highly appreciated. [/FONT]
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For this try Google Trends they will help you out. See it daily for few days and u will come to know the daily figures.


Keyword ideas

I suppose you know about google adwords!!!

I would advice thinking of all the keywords that are linked to your website and the field you are going into.

Search for keywords above 10,000 in density. Try looking for say somewhere in between 15 to 20 different keywords and try to get each of the main keywords used at least 4 to 5 times per page.

Plus try to find keywords that with link together. This will increase the chances that your website will be found.


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Asking for advise with "your" keyword is pointless unless you actually show us what niche and your URL ?

Maybe we could give you a bit more advise then, However if you are just starting out and your site is brand new the i would recommend starting to dominate the less competitive keywords in your niche first before trying to get the main ones.

Even long tail keywords that bring little traffic is always handy to have.

make sure your site is keyword rich too , no point in going made with off site SEO if you haven't prepared your onsite seo first !
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