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I want to download free templates for jomla, oscommerce and worldpress. I have found this templates website, one of the largest website templates providers on the Web, Free templates, professional templates, flash templates etc. please help me to find out more templates website.


your best bet is to go to the main domain of each of the products you need templates for.

Not all templates will work with all versions on the software, so best to check first.

Try a google search for each template you need.

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I think it is important to really check sites that are offering free web templates, but for me I prefer to have paid templates. (I'm not against free templates)


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You can find 100 great and free wordpress templates at


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You could also go to some freelance sites and have a custom theme built for you for a relativity low price. It will be an original theme and wont have to worry about looking like another site.
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