My Experience Low Code V/s Custom Software Development Solutions


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Comparisons are always beneficial a read is it technologies, industries, mobile devices, entertainment media or anything under the Sun. Each has its own characteristic that shines and some that prove to be ordinary. In the fast-paced time of digital transformation, what matters most for all is time. The organization required results faster and more effective. Custom software Development Company have already fixed a niche for themselves around the globe, proving their finesse in almost all industry segments.
Custom software solutions are known to all for offering the best of client experience, they don’t require any introduction. It does not need to prove its control around the globe. But, low code software development is relatively a new term.

Custom Software Solutions and Low Code Software Solutions – When to Use What?

You can select custom software solutions when:
  • There is a massive convert of business workflows into so the software application and there are multiple entities involved – various segments, geographies, departments, functionalities
  • There is a lot of customization needed while designing business workflows and it is tough to adapt to solutions that are built prior to understanding what is needed
  • The number of employees is huge and there is a huge infrastructure to be catered
  • Emphasis is more on security, reliability, and flexibility of the business information that is involved
  • There is an increased need for third-party integration and legacy migration – a lot of external applications that are must be integrated for a complete functionality flow
  • The focus of management is bent upon aligning business objectives with the software solution
You can opt for low code software solutions when:
  • There are limited IT resources and it is difficult to find dedicated resources who can contribute
  • Companies are looking for minor modifications in business processes that do not involve much data transfer, integration or business complexity
  • There is a limited infrastructure and a smaller number of employees to cater to
  • The budget is very limited and it is a tough task to customize each requirement as per exact needs