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I have not need for eCommerce, I already have one of the best ecommerce shopping cart software online today, its called Boss Cart. It has a free and premium version, you can find out more about Boss Cart at their website.

But because of the ecommerce section of webmaster serve, I have decided to install and evaluate one of the fastest growing free ecommerce shopping cart online today; Magento commerce. First off, here are some of the features magento boasts of, each feature will be under a category because the features are quite many.

Site Management

  • Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with ability to share as much or as little information as needed
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Support for localization
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Administration Permission System Roles and Users

Marketing Promotion and tools

  • Flexible Coupons (pricing rules) with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories. For example: Percent Discount | Fixed Amount Discount | Free Shipping | Buy x, get y free. | Buy x, get y with percent or fixed amount discount | Buy x, get free shipping on order | Buy x, get percent discount | Buy x, get fixed amount discount.
  • Catalog Promotional Pricing by percentage or fixed amount with ability to restrict to stores, categories, products
  • Free Shipping Option

Installation Support

  • Multi-Lingual
  • Support for Multiple Currencies
  • Tax rate support
  • Localization
  • Configurable List of Allowed Countries for:

Search Engine Optimisation

  • 100% Search Engine Friendly
  • Google Site Map
  • URL Rewrites give full control of URL's
  • Meta-information for products and categories
  • Auto-generated Site Map for display on site
  • Auto-Generated Popular Search Terms Page


  • One-Page Checkout
  • SSL security support for orders on both front-end and back-end
  • Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
  • Checkout without account/Guest Checkout
  • Shopping Cart with tax and shipping estimates
  • Checkout with account to use address book
  • Option to create account at beginning of checkout
  • Accept gift messages per order and per item
  • Saved Shopping Carts with configurable expiration time


  • Integrated for real-time shipping rates from:
    • UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL
  • Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
  • On-site order tracking from customer accounts
  • Multiple shipments per order
  • Ability to specify allowed destination countries per method


  • Configurable to authorize and charge, or authorize only and charge on creation of invoices
  • Integrated with multiple PayPal gateways:
    • Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro (Express and Direct), Website Payments Pro UK (Express and Direct), and PayPal PayFlow Pro

Order Management

  • View, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel.
  • Create one or multiple invoices, shipments and credit memos per order to allow for split fulfillment
  • Print invoices and packing slips
  • Call Center (phone) order creation

Customer Services

  • Contact Us form
  • Feature-rich Customer Accounts
  • Order History with Status Updates
  • Order Tracking from Account

Customer Accounts

  • Order status and history
  • Re-orders from account
  • Recently ordered items
  • Address Book with unlimited addresses
  • Default Billing and Shipping addresses

Catalog Management

  • Inventory Management with Backordered items, Minimum and Maximum quantities
  • Batch Import and Export of catalog
  • Batch Updates to products in admin panel
  • Google Base Integration
  • Simple, Configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.), Bundled and Grouped Products
  • Virtual Products

Catalog Browsing

  • Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products
  • Static Block tool to create category landing pages
  • Ability to assign designs on category and product level (unique design per product/category)
  • Configurable search with auto-suggested terms
  • Recently viewed products
  • Product comparisons

Product Browsing

  • Multiple Images Per Product
  • Product Image Zoom-in Capability
  • Product Reviews
  • Related Products

Analytics and Reporting

  • Integrated with Google Analytics
  • Admin Dashboard for Report Overview
  • Sales Report
  • RSS feed for New Orders
  • Tax Report

At magento website, there is a charge of $149 for professional installation of Magento, at webmaster serve, we are happy to install magento for any of our senior members free of charge!

If you would like to take advantage of this free installation offer, please use the contact form here to request free magento installation


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Magento Commerce is definitely a very powerful shopping cart. Many of our clients are using and loving it. ;)

The only downside of Magento is that it is a little resource intensive and as such not all hosting provider are able to run it smoothly. Besides that, it requires certain extensions which is not available by certain provider, eg. pdo, pdo_mysql, popen, etc.


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I have to agree that Magento requires certain extensions but that doesn't stop me from loving it
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Which best script for ecommerce site

Which best script for ecommerce site?? i see many site provide many ecommerce script free cost but i big confuse which is best



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It is very significant so that people can take advantage of it to the direction of perfection.
And they can provider high-quality ones you love and professional customer service you need.


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Cs cart is the best

Hi, I have tried many, many shopping carts before and must say one:
I love CS-Cart, I moved to X-Cart 2 moths ago but have recently decided to go back to CS-Cart after much reviewing of another scripts.
Interspire SC was my second choice, and there are still a couple of features that I would love to see in CS Cart.
1. (and I know this is a big mod) proper order management and partial shipping of orders/individual item shipping. This would then allow for proper back orders, part payment of orders, etc etc.
2. The order process in the admin is excellent. Select customer or new customer or anon customer first, then on same page add products using ajax seach on SKU or description. Very clean process, very fast (important when you have a customer on the phone).
3. Tracking numbers for all orders (haven't found this yet in CS).
4. Allow customer to buy product? Checkbox. When unticked, an option becomes available to display price or message to customer (useful as sometimes there are products available offline only but still want them in the store).
If you want to make a business then must have a little bit of money for begin. My experience with the all free open source carts is not the best. Sure they cost nothing, but if you need a help.... Yes your help desk is the Google only. I have a few online business sites and my last (and must say the best) choice was CS Cart. It cost realy "nothing" and you get all features, the best support (the Interspire is a nightmare) and 1 year free upgrades, all what a online store need. I don't buy my CS Cart licenses direct by the company, but from a reseller of, they sell it for $217, the price on the CS Cart site is $265, and they have often a special price (it is a coupon code) and you get yet $20 off the price. But I don't know if it's actualy, must looking on the site or on Google for cs cart coupon code.
Yes guys, the TIME is money and if you want a free cart, then must spend 100+++ hours with setup, design, bugs, and, and, and....
I am very satisfied with my CS Cart and trust me, if you want to make a serious business and want many of customers and visitors, then you need a serious tools to do it.


Magento is an excellent e-commerce platform. It is well performed in shopping cart and enterprise-level content management systems.
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