Tutorial Magento Ecommerce Platform For Retailers, Brands And Manufacturers

Pooja Sharma

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Magento, one of the leading brand name, that provided the platform to retailers, manufacturers and brands. Magento can be used by organizations as per there needs as B2C for e-commerce store and B2B for e-commerce platform.

Magento provides the marketing, SEO techniques -Search Engine Optimization tools to online merchants as per the business requirements. Magento is been categorized as :
  • Magento Community Edition
  • Magento Enterprise Edition
The four pillar of Magento :

Enterprise Edition -preferred for best Shopping experiences and customer loyalty
Commerce Order Management- for the purpose of distributed order management and inventory management system
Retail Commerce- to track customer order history, and further offering promotions and other deals to the customers
Community Edition- considered for heavy traffic websites and branding experience providing support for global commerce in all languages,and currencies.

Magento is called the best e-commerce platform that provides services and have solutions for all to help your business grow.

The reasons to prefer Magento can be best described as shown in image mentioned below :

Attracting heavy traffics and customization as per your needs and usability is one of the preferred factor that Magento provides.

Magento is an open source platform, and can be used as mobile optimized front end purposes. Its facility for cloud usability, makes possible for any disaster recovery. Magento can be easily integrated with ERP. CRM, payment and shipping.

Magento provides different themes that are listed as best themes to set up eCommerce website and can be edited by using any of the languages PHP, HTML and CSS. These themes can also be changed as per the business requirements and functionality of the website.

These predesigned themes provides much professional look to the website or store, that merchants do not put their efforts much in theme customization. What you are looking for fashion theme, theme to the compatibility of laptop, mobiles, tablets and other screen or for any general purpose, Magento have all for you. Please have a look for few themes :

Zana Fashion - Responsive Magento Fashion Theme

This theme will let your accessories twinkle among your customers, and is most preferred to fashion brands.
This theme provides you the options for 4 homepage layout, and 5 headers styles which you can prefer

Veyron - Multipurpose Responsive Magento Theme

The most wanted theme that is compatible to every screen size, no matter whether your store or website is access through to laptops or mobiles, tablets or other screens, Veyron provides your visitors best professional look and which is the reason that this theme is being referred as most responsive Magento theme.

Astra - Responsive Multipurpose Magento theme

This theme is preferred for multipurpose uses, to get extremely customized, and is most suitable for store in any device.

I have researched for Magento and found it reviews and feedback, and would consider it to be one of the most preferred platform that could fulfill all the needs in regards to retailers, brands and other brand manufacturers.
Magento can direct boost your business growth with its varieties of platform available to beat your competitors and other marketing products.

Zirkon Kalti

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Magento is free and it comes with tons of features. Since it is written in PHP, you will be able to easily add features to your store. YOu can browse the store for thousands of free extensions. Another benefit is that it is supported by a large community of developers.